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'Chunky' toad wedged in garden decking

By 22nd July 2016TrustATrader

The residents of a home in Norwich were recently surprised to find a large toad tightly wedged between the boards of their garden decking, unable to move.

The unfortunate amphibian must have been trying to reach his next meal of a tasty insect or two below the decking, and found that his rear was a little larger than he had thought!

RSPCA inspector Jason Finch was called in to save the trapped tubby toad.

“He was the biggest, fattest toad I have ever seen,” Mr Finch commented.

The toad was so tightly wedged that it would have been injured if an attempt had been made to pull him out, and so the homeowners allowed Mr Finch to perform a little work on their decking, sawing a board to free the troubled toad.

After being released, the toad almost got trapped again under the decking, but was retrieved unharmed and released to safety near the garden pond.

It was “really heart-warming that people are prepared to go the extra mile”, allowing the decking to be sawn to release the toad, Mr Finch said afterwards.
Source: Trust a Trader