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Free weekend electricity deal offered by British Gas

By 1st July 2016TrustATrader

British Gas is to begin offering a deal which allows customers that are using smart meters to choose an eight hour period of free electricity each weekend, between 9am and 5pm either on a Saturday or Sunday.

The new FreeTime tariff should allow customers to save around £60 per year on average, British Gas has said.

Only around 2.4 million of the total 11 million British Gas customers currently have smart meters, but the company has stated that it would install a smart meter for anyone wanting to join the new tariff, as long as they are eligible.

British Gas has said that the new FreeTime tariff will be their cheapest dual fuel deal.

Smart meters are currently installed in around 53 million UK households altogether. The devices allow homeowners to review when they are using the most electricity and perhaps change their habits to save money by doing jobs which require the most energy when costs are lowest.

Experts have warned consumers that even with this deal British Gas may not prove to offer the best value overall, and people should shop around and compare different suppliers’ tariffs to find the best deal for them.

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Source: Trust a Trader