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Orbit sculpture in London has become world's longest slide!

By 24th June 2016TrustATrader

The massive twisting red ‘Orbit’ sculpture that was built for the London 2012 Olympic Games has had an extra element of fun added with the completion of what is now the world’s longest tunnel slide spiraling down from the tower.

The 114m Orbit is the UK’s tallest sculpture. The tower was designed by Turner Prize winning artist Anish Kapoor and structural designer Cecil Balmond and completed in 2012, in time for the Olympics.

The addition was first announced last summer and the slide is now complete and open for visitors at £5 per ride.

The slide is 178m long and 76m high, and loops around the sculpture 12 times. It takes around 40 seconds to reach the bottom at speeds of up to 15mph.

The tunnel is made up of 30 separate sections and is transparent most of the way down, allowing those on the ride to catch sight of various views of the spiralling structure on their way down.

Image: Arts of Chet Photography /
Source: Trust a Trader