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Residents of Gotham village told their address "doesn't exist"

By 17th June 2016TrustATrader

When residents of the village of Gotham in Nottinghamshire called the council to request sandbags to protect their homes from local flood water, they were told their address didn’t exist – the advisor could only find “Gotham City in New York”.

Rushcliffe Borough Council later explained that the calls were answered by someone outside the local area and made an apology to the residents of the village of Gotham.

Racheal Webster, one of the residents who called for sandbags, explained: “He said the only Gotham he could find is Gotham City in New York.

“I said ‘are you trying to be funny? Is that some kind of joke?’ and he said ‘no, that’s the only Gotham I can find’.”

“I said ‘well we do exist, obviously, we are getting flooded, the water is starting to come in’.”

“He said the same thing to my neighbour when my neighbour called as well.”

New York is sometimes referred to as Gotham as a reference to Batman’s home city which is based on New York, but there is no real life city of Gotham, only the village in Nottinghamshire from where the name originated.

The residents had called a local emergency number displayed on the website of the council when flooding started in the village on Wednesday evening.

The council’s Executive Manager for neighbourhoods, David Banks, commented: “We understand that experiencing flooding is stressful and upsetting and we are working with our out-of-hours provider to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

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Source: Trust a Trader