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Want Cheaper Car Insurance? Here’s How

By 29th December 2017TrustATrader

None of us want to pay more than we need to for anything, and car insurance is no exception. However, is cheaper car insurance really good value or are you at risk of losing money in the event that you do have an accident? We take a look at what you need to ask and do to get cheaper car insurance.

1. Check the policy – if your car insurance seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure that you check your policy and that you are aware of the excess. Also, look to see if your insurance policy includes: a courtesy car if you need it; European driving cover; legal cover and help recovering uninsured losses.

2. Think before you drive – a good driving record will help to keep your insurance premium down, while previous accidents, speeding fines and licence points are likely to drive your premium up. What’s more, your premium may be influenced by your annual mileage, so think before you drive to save fuel, get fit and reduce your car insurance.

3. Consider security – believe it or not, your postcode really does affect your insurance premium. Roadside parking may be convenient, but it can add £££s to your premium. You’re better off parking your vehicle in a driveway if you can and, even better, locked in a garage. When you shop around for the cheapest car insurance policy, ask whether (and how much) security will reduce your premium; it is possible to buy insurance company-approved immobilisers and trackers that will help.

4. Gain experience – if you are a young driver, or you have only recently passed your driving test, you are likely to face massive insurance premiums. One way to reduce your insurance slightly is to take an additional driving test, such as pass plus. This tells your prospective insurance companies two things: that you have had additional lessons, and that you are a sensible, conscientious driver.

5. Add the excess – having an excess can be irritating, but it is a sign to your insurers that you will drive more carefully (because you have something to lose). Upping your excess from £50 or £100 to £200 – £300 can help to significantly reduce your annual premium.

6. Consider additional drivers – if you add named drivers to your car insurance policy, they can raise your premium, particularly if they are inexperienced or younger drivers. If you have a child who is learning to drive, it may be worth encouraging them to buy their own, low value car, instead of adding them to your insurance.

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